Arts Advocacy for ALL 

Rob Westerberg, York High School Music


Workshop Details 

This session will highlight powerful advocacy strategies that get beyond why the Arts are "important" and into why the Arts are "essential". If our advocacy efforts have been so useful for the past 30 years, why are we still in need of so much more? Our most recent PBL work has the potential to finally push arts education to the forefront of our school's academic agenda while providing the richest, most relevant curriculum possible for our students. 


Arts Advocacy pdf 


Outline & linked resources


1. Who is Cliff Young?

   a. Why was he successful?

   b. What are takeaways for us?


2. Advocacy History

   a. music is important     

   b. Mozart effect to peripheral reasons     

   c. where are we now?


3. What’s the difference between co curricular and academic?

    what my kids said... honors choir students


4. Which are we?


5. Research around assessment     

   a. Katrina Faulstich's Measurement and Evaluation paper

   b. Boston Arts Academy


6. The Interconnected Circles


7. Looking at standards     

   a. I can statements art/dance/drama/music

   b. standards/indicators for INDIVIDUALS     

   c. program = academic


8. Stories


Session #1 opening survey


Session #2 opening survey


Summer institute 2015 resources


pdf of the session keynote presentation