At the 2014 Arts Education Summit in Portland Maine, a session on Advocacy was presented by Jeff Poulin of Americans For The Arts, and MALI co-developer Rob Westerberg. During this session they collaborated to articulate "5 spokes" of advocacy:

* Developing effective leadership

* Creating value proposition; identifying value of arts in each unique community

* Developing/disseminating resources to be used at the local level

* Articulating that arts are core; essential academic instruction & showing how the arts are academic

* Peripheral value of the arts; academic, social & civic & interpersonal



Helpful Advocacy Links & Resources


Argy's Collection of Research Materials

The craziest, most comprehensive list of Reasearch materials ever found in one place! Thanks to Argy Nestor for continuing to build up this site!


50 Ways to Make Art Class a Valued Part of Your Community

An article written and posted on the Art of Education website by AOE Team member and Senior Editor Amanda Heyn. Amanda is a passionate K-4 educator from Madison, Wisconsin, focused on dynamic curriculum development, technology integration, and cross-curricular projects. This is about visual art, but COMPLETELY transferable to all the Performing Arts programs in our schools!!


The Art of Education - Advocacy

These links are written for art educators, but completely transferable to all Arts disciplines and include some GREAT ideas!



An online clearinghouse that collects and summarizes high quality research studies on the impacts of arts education and analyzes their implications for educational policy and practice. You want stats and data? Start here!!!!


ArtsEdge Advocacy Resources

From the Kennedy Center's educational branch.


Broader Minded

NAfME's national push to, "Think beyond the bubbles"; wide ranging benefits - music specific but very Arts adaptable material here.


Collaboration and Sustainability In Arts Education

We know arts education programs exist within school and beyond school. In many places – in and out of schools – people are considering new approaches for opportunities to learn in the arts. There are many factors that influence the reason for this and how it is carried forward. Thomas Wolf and Gigi Antoni, two well respected individuals teamed up and put together this report. Almost 100 pages long, this was created by The National Guild for Community Arts Education, Big Thought and WolfBrown.


College Board Resources: Arts At The Core

Resources that empower education leaders, particularly in under-resourced districts, to implement rigorous arts programming in their schools. Of particular practical use is their "What We've Accomplished" link.


EdTA Advocacy Resources

From the National Educational Theater Association.


Imagination Intensive Communities

The Maine Alliance for Arts Education and the Maine Department of Education collaborated to identify nine Maine communities where schools and a range of partnering organizations invest in the imaginative development of children and youth. Funding from the Kennedy Center, the Betterment Fund, the Maine Arts Commission and the Maine Department of Education made the search possible.


Make The Case To Your School Board

From the California Alliance for Arts Education. The entire site is great, but if you're going to start somewhere on it, start here! A couple more great ideas and links at the bottom of the page.


NAEA Advocacy Resources

From the National Visual Art Education Association.


NAfME Advocacy Resources

From the National Music Education Association.


NAMAC Advocacy Resources

From the National Media Arts and Communication Organization.


NDEA Advocacy Resources

From the National Dance Education Organization.


NASAA: Critical Evidence

A REALLY cool publication by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies documenting stats and data behind the essentialness of Arts Education.


NASAA: The NASAA Advocate

Check out yet another great set of articles from NASAA's advocacy publication!


NASAA: National Assembly of State Arts Agencies Advocacy Tools

A rich assortment of macro advocacy tools and ideas; primarilly legislative in nature but includes applicable approaches at the most local level.


SAT Scores: Impact of Arts Instruction

Check out this graph(!), a clear and compelling case of the Arts at the High School level, from Americans For The Arts!


Use Arts Integration To Enhance Common Core

By Susan Riley


What School Leaders Can Do To Increase Arts Education

From Arts Education Partnership.