Before you begin...

Okay... to quote a famous comedienne, "Can we talk?"


As MALI has worked hard to facilitate dialogue and action around Arts standards, proficiency and assessment over the past 4 years, there has been a bit of a tug of war between the following three competing factions:

1) How do I make this relevant?

2) How do I do this within existing student face-time restrictions?

3) How do I meet what my school is also asking me to do?

By any measurement (notice I avoided the word "standard" here....), each of these are daunting questions on their own. Wrap them all together and you've got a conundrum. Worse yet, if you ask 10 different people the best way to address all these, you'll invariably get at least 9 different answers. Likely 10. So what to do?


First of all, what does the Proficiency Law say and what does it NOT say? Devote 30 minutes at least to our Webinar from April 7, 2014, entitled 

Maine Statute 4722-A - Proficiency Based Diploma Standards: Digging deeper into the new expectations for Maine’s schools and Arts classroom. The webinar includes LIVE links (you can pause the webinar at any time and click on them!) which will further deepen your understanding of what in the world is going on. To be honest, you may be compelled to share at least a portion of this with your non-arts colleagues. 


This Proficiency Toolbox to the right is intended to be a guideline as you move your way towards                              (fill in the blank). We in the Arts are the final bastion of "process over product" in a product based society, and I think we need to take stock in that - not only in what we do as educators, but in how we approach refining our work as well. Follow a process that's right for you and the product will take care of itself. 


And that's where this Proficiency Toolbox comes in.


See if there are elements of this approach that resonate with you. Try them. Check out resources along the way. We have often said in MALI that the journey is where the magic happens, so enjoy the journey. Where you end up will be a cool place that will provide answers to many questions, not the least of which may be the three above. 



PLEASE KNOW: This toolbox is merely to facilitate getting started on your journey... the steps can go much wider, and will undoubtedly go much deeper!! But as a primer on getting started, have at it!


Statute 4722-A - Proficiency Based Diploma Standards


Statute 4722-A in more detail



Maine DOE Proficiency Overview


Maine DOE Standards Resources


Maine DOE Student Proficiency Resources


Maine DOE Guiding Principles


Maine DOE Sample Graduation Standards






A good place to start if you're looking for a fresh overview of your whole curriculum.




A 10 point plan for getting yourself moving seamlessly and painlessly towards standards implementation!




A quick summary of essential elements and access to the MAAI Resource Bank and Templates!




General thoughts to consider as well as overviews of three reporting models.