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20+ Best Art Education Blogs

This list of 20+ best art education blogs, with more added frequently, includes elementary, middle school, high school, and also teaching for artistic behavior.


ME Arts Ed: news from Argy with a view of the State House dome

The purpose of this blog is to communicate what's happening in Arts Education. This forum gives Mainers the opportunity to not only read, but invites them to join the conversation by writing and sharing their expertise. It is essential that we collaborate, listen and learn from each other in order to improve teaching and learning in Arts Education in Maine and beyond. This is the one blog every Arts educator in Maine must be subscribed to! For even more great blogs, check out Argy's blogroll on the right hand side of her page!


A Moving Experience: Learning with Mind and Body

Knowing Bodies, Growing Minds: A Survey of Body-Focused Innovations in Elementary Education; a must-see for all Elementary educators.


Easily Distracted Band Teacher

Outstanding resource/blog by Meredith Duke, a band teacher in a small community in Maine. Technology, philosophies, standards based grading, she's got it all!


Charlie Johnson's Blog

Visual Art teacher at Mount Desert Island and Teacher leader for MAAI



One stop shopping for brilliantly written online articles on all things education.


Goober Music Teachers

A blog written by Rob Westerberg and Jarika Olberg on a variety of music education topics, primarily assessment.


Maine Art Education 421 Skills

Art teacher Leah Olson writes and shares links on many valuable Visual Art Education topics.



This has become one of the most pupular websites in the world... but were you aware of the crazy amount of resources pertaining to education and assessment for the Arts? Join for free and then search broad topics such as "dance education" or "art assessment" or "music education blogs", click on either the "pins" or "boards" button in the upper left, and go to town! You will completely loose yourself in the amazing material you'll have access to.


Think, Thank, Thunk

A collection of extraordinary blog posts by Shawn Cornally focused on Standards Based Grading. A must read for anyone making the transition to standards.


Transforming Assessment: An Online Resource for Educators

A site by Anne Davies, this website is brought to you by connect2learning, Canada’s leading assessment for learning publisher developing and delivering innovative programs, products, and services that empower K-12 educators to support the success of each learner.




Articles & Documents/Data


Classroom Assessments for a New Century

A great article... one teacher's quest to move beyond the bubble test, by Heather Wolpert-Gawron


Creativity in America: The Science of Innovation and How to Reignite Our Imaginations

Newsweek Cover Story, July 10, 2010 


Creativity Overview

By Bronwyn Sale


Educational Leadership

A great online monthly Magazine with assessment relevent articles, some articles by subscription only, but many are free as well


The Future IS Now

Shifts and Trends That Are Redefining Organizations, Careers, and Life - applied to education and beyond


Improving the Assessment of Student Learning in the Arts - State of the Field and Recommendations

A Study Commissioned by The National Endowment for the Arts. Through this study, the first of its kind, the NEA and WestEd sought to collect, analyze, and 

report on information about current practices and the needs of the field related to the assessment of K-12 student learning in the arts. Understanding the assessment experiences and practices of arts education stakeholders, including their needs, is one step toward helping improve student assessment in the arts.


Informed Assessment Practices - Doing More With Less

This is a report about the importance of all teachers being assessment literate, and common mistakes teachers make in using assessments. 200 pages of very valuable insights and information, easily managed and well formatted information!


Introduction to K-12 ePortfolios

Exactly waht the website says, with great videos, charts and processes


The National Assessment of Educational Progress

This is a 2008 report of where the nation stands in relation to Visual And Performing Arts and service to students, much of it in comparison to similar research 10 years earlier. An interesting look at some very relevant statistics.