Studio Habits of Mind: Using the "Hidden Curriculum"
to Encourage Student Autonomy

Theresa Cerceo, Dr. Levesque Elementary, Wisdom Middle/High School Visual Arts

Janie Snider, Hancock Grammar School Visual Arts 


Workshop Details:

Join us in our exploration of assessment and proficiency using the Studio Habits of Mind (SHoM). This workshop will present a practical look at how we came to understand and use the constructs of Studio Thinking in our classrooms to promote independent, self-directed learning. We believe that the 8 dispositions can enable students to gain a successful educational experience. You will gain hands-on knowledge of these habits and leave with strategies to use your own classroom. Grades PK-12 All Educators 

Presenter Bios

Theresa is originally from Philadelphia. For the past 9 years she has been teaching visual arts in Northern Maine. She is continually tweaking her teaching and checking in with students in her K-12 classroom, which is primarily Choice-Based classroom. Theresa has been an MAAI Teacher Leader since 2014.

Janie has been teaching grades K-8 art education in Washington and Hancock Counties for 22 years. Janie received the 2014 Middle Level Art Teacher of the Year by the Maine Art Education Association. She has been an MAAI Teacher Leader since 2012. At the center of Janie's belief on successful teaching is: ART is for ALL STUDENTS and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is ESSENTIAL for ALL TEACHERS.


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Outline & linked resources


1. AWARENESS OF THE SHoM--------* STUDIO THINKING 2, by Lois Hetland
2. TEACH THE SHoM----------------------* Ordinary-Extraordinary SHOM worksheet
3. NURTURE THE PROCESS------------* Reflection, sentence starters….
4. AWARENESS for students & parents--SHoM RUBRIC* Assessment definitions
5. TEACH/SELF-ASSESSMENT-------------* SHoM BLANK RUBRIC for students
6. NURTURE---------------------------------* SHoM CHECKLIST/ formative assessment

Cerceo Resources: 
7. Make the SHoM Accessible to Students, I can … * 
8. Planting the Seed, Elementary Goal Setting* and Reflection * and sharing our Initial Thoughts * 
9. The SHoM as Formative Assessments for Middle & High School, Weekly Formative Assessment (Rubric) * and Work in Progress Critiques
10. The SHoM & Student Self Reflection in the Choice Based Art Class, Choice planning & self assessment*
11. The SHoM to Collect information for Students, The Teacher Walk Around *
12. Climbing Toward Proficiency with the SHoM (document)* 
13. Making the Right Connections: 21st Century Skills (document)*