Making Maine and ME 

Jennie Driscoll, Brunswick High School Visual Arts


Workshop Details 

Arts Integration Connections - Architectural Letters combine personal and historical narratives. (Art and Social Studies) Narrative collages help students make connections from the past to the present as they explore literacy, creative problem solving, collaboration, technology, critical thinking and self-expression. Apply 21st Century learning skills in this hands-on art-making workshop. Practice setting criteria for assessment and examine holistic and analytic rubrics. Grades PK-12 All Educators 


Presenter Bio

Jennie is a Board Certified Art Educator teaching at Brunswick High School with 26 years of experience. She has been an MAAI Teacher Leader since 2011 and, has presented at numerous state and regional conferences. As a practicing artist, Jennie creates paintings, drawings, photographs and jewelry inspired by organic forms.


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Outline & linked resources


Making Maine


Essential Questions:
What is Maine History?
What are our sources of Maine pride?
How do we tell the story of Maine as we approach the Bicentennial in 2020? 
How do we examine our own cultural heritage and identity? 


Guiding Principles
A clear and effective communicator who Uses a variety of modes of expression including the use of technology to create and share the expressions
C. A creative and practical problem solver who uses information and technology to solve problems and Observes and evaluates situations to define a problem 


Arts Integration:
ELA/ Social Studies and Art


   B. Creation and Expression
     1. Media Skills
     2. Composition Skills
     3. Making Meaning
     4. Exhibition


   C. Creative Problem-Solving – 6
     1. Application of Creative Process


   D. Aesthetics and Criticism – 7
     1. Aesthetics and Criticism


   E. Visual and Performing Arts Connections - 8
     1. The Arts and History and World Cultures
     2. The Arts and Other Disciplines
     5. Interpersonal Skills



Why Arts Integration?
Maine Memory Network-
Local historical society - Pejepscot historical society -
Arts Edge -

Integrating the Arts Across the Content Areas -
Strategies To Integrate the Arts-



Arts Integration is an approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form.


Students engage in a creative process which connects an art form and  another subject area

and meets evolving objectives in both. (ARTS EDGE)