Evaluating Individual Proficiency within the Large Ensemble 

Jen Etter, York Middle School Music


Workshop Details 

Join us to take a look at exemplars from both band and choral ensembles at all levels of schooling. We will discuss what critical skills are being demonstrated (or not being demonstrated!) and how students can be evaluated for individual proficiency. Workshop participants will come away with concrete indicators they can bring back to their own ensembles in their schools. We will also discuss how we can differentiate for students who have trouble meeting those indicators and also more accelerated students who need to be challenged at a higher level. Our discussion will take place both as a large group and as smaller round table discussions at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Grades PK-12 Music 


Presenter Bio

Jen is a teacher at York Middle School and has been an MAAI Teacher Leader since 2013. She has just completed a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in curriculum and instruction at the University of New England and is very excited to work with other arts educators at the statewide conference!


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Outline & linked resources


Evaluating Individual Proficiency within the Large Ensemble
Jen Etter, York Middle School Music 

1) Well duh?!?  *http://schoolsofthought.blogs.cnn.com/2013/03/20/my-view-everything-i-need-to-know-i-learned-in-music-class/
        a.) A change in mindset: switching from a content centered classroom to a student centered one
        b.) The challenge of large numbers


2.) What do students need to know to be able to perform like this?
    a.) How do we assess all that?  Can we?


3.) What do we do with all this data?!
        a.) MLR’s *https://www1.maine.gov/education/lres/pei/vpa102207.pdf
        b.) National Standards *http://www.nafme.org/wp-content/files/2015/05/Core-Music-Standards-Ensemble-Strand.pdf
        c.) North Carolina “I Can’s” *http://ances.ncdpi.wikispaces.net/file/view/Music.I%20Can%20Statements.pdf/276107130/Music.I%20Can%20Statements.pdf


4.) The need to teach across grade levels


5.) How can technology aid us in this
        a.) what technologies are we using to assess?


6.) Breakout roundtable discussion (one for elementary, one for middle and one for high school teachers)
        a.) what are the essentials of what we teach (what should every student know and be able to do?)
        b.) how do we manage our assessments- do we have to assess everything we teach?
        c.) by using these criteria for assessment, can we easily pass the data generated from grade level to grade level.


7.) Stories about standards: the long road to simplifying while maintaining integrity
        a.) York Middle School Teaching and Learning Blog *http://ymstestblog.blogspot.com/