People who I work with who’ve attended MAAI workshops come away feeling positive about their profession, and excited that there are colleagues in Maine that can help them navigate these scary waters

The Summer Institute gave me permission to take a leadership role in the district... it also reminded me of the importance of advocacy and identified the outreach as being equally important.  Most of all I found a group of passionate educators, willing to work hard, with a strong vision of their responsibility to the field of arts education, who are willing to challenge my thinking and help me grow as a professional.

My beliefs around creative process and creative and critical thinking are reinforced as my practice as an educator feels more grounded.  I’m more confident in what I can give my learners.

A better understanding of assessment.  How much technology is a part of us!  HOW POWERFUL IS PASSION!

I felt encouraged/validated in my belief that Standards-based assessments and use of rubrics is important.  Peer & Self assessment is crucial.

The most useful piece was how to create high quality rubrics. A secondary piece is that there are other teachers in the same developmental process as myself. 


Valuable supportive group of professionals and friends. Makes us feel empowered, confident, and proud to be a part of such a great profession.  If we did not have these opportunities to connect, we would not be as strong in so many ways… our teaching, our advocacy, our political involvement, our effect on the future of education, and more…

It was great to have the opportunity today to be reflective of best practices of assessment practices, and provided with the opportunity to explore and discuss research and documents that illustrate tools for assessment practices. I am certainly going to take away from today the idea to make sure I put my own rubrics and assessments through some of the best practice filters. 

I am not alone!