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An Introduction To Arts Integration

The session “An Introduction to Arts Introduction” was provided for the participants at the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative Summit on Arts Education held July 29-August 1 at USM, Portland by Lindsay Pinchbeck and Barbara (Packales) Vinal. Make sure to click on their "Integration Handouts" link!


Arts Integration Definition

Great graph/quote submitted by the Kennedy Center


Arts Integration: historical context video

From Kennedy Center Arts Edge


Arts Integration: Making Maine and ME - conference workshop links

Jennie Driscoll, Brunswick High School Visual Arts
Arts Integration Connections - Architectural Letters combine personal and historical narratives. (Art and Social Studies) Narrative collages help students make connections from the past to the present as they explore literacy, creative problem solving, collaboration, technology, critical thinking and self-expression. Applying 21st Century learning skills, setting criteria for assessment and examining holistic and analytic rubrics.


Common Core And The Arts Resources

Presented by the Arts Education Partnership, AEP is providing this (ever-growing) selection of resources to help AEP Partner Organizations, arts educators, school leaders, and policymakers develop a better understanding of the Common Core and what the movement means for the arts. If you are moving toward integrating Common Core in your curriculum, this is a must see site which includes videos, powerpoints, articles and more.


Common Core Connections to the Arts

This is a pdf/powerpoint that was part of a presentation by Marcia McCaffrey for MALI on April 8, 2014. A GREAT resource for making common sense connection between Common Core and the Arts.


Empathy, Kindness And Wonder, Arts Integration At Work - conference workshop links

Lindsay Pinchbeck, Sweet Tree Arts - Arts Integration has the potential for us to grow alongside our students. Using the creative arts in our teaching allows us to deepen our relationships, strengthen our actions, and continue our questions. Exploring, sharing, and questioning elements of an arts integrated approach, applying our personal understanding to our teaching practice.


Creative Directions

Creative Directions' mission is to integrate the arts and drama instruction into school culture in order to advance learning, creative thinking, collaborative problem solving, and leadership; we achieve this through forming sustainable partnerships with schools, arts organizations, artists, and communities.


Literacy Can Enhance Learning And Assessment In All The Arts

An extraordinary powerpoint presentation (linked here as a downloadable PDF) by MAAI Teacher Leader Pamela Ouellette for the Arts Education Summit, Summer, 2014. Pam is a Visual Art teacher at Lisbon High School and is an extraordinary resource!