Design Team

Argy Nestor 

Director of Arts Education, Maine Arts Commission


Collaboration, Advocacy, Student-centered learning, Leadership, Arts Integration, Middle School, Blogging

Catherine Ring

Arts Education Consultant and Executive Director, New England Institute for Teacher Education


Arts integration, Leadership, Advocacy, Grad Studies in Arts Education, Visual Arts Assessment, G/T, Resource Bank

John Morris                              
Teaching Artist, Dance
26 Reynolds Rd
Bridgton, ME 04009

Dance Education, Creativity 

Lindsay Pinchbeck                                                                                     
Sweetland School, Director and Teacher

Arts Integration, Creativity, Reggio Emilia

Bronwyn Sale 

Lecturer in Education: Bates College

Kate Smith                            
Central Elementary School, South Berwick, Music Educator
Arts Integration, Project-based Learning, Technology-Enhanced Learning, Arts Advocacy, Leadership

Jake Sturtevant                                                                                     
Falmouth High School, Music Educator

Student Centered Learning, Creativity, Leadership, Advocacy, Performing Arts Assessment


Rob Westerberg                                                                                     
York High School, Music Educator

Standards based teaching and reporting, Leadership, Advocacy, Performing Arts Assessment, K-12 Alignment

Jeff Beaudry

Associate Professor, Educational Leadership

University of Southern Maine

Classroom Assessment, Leadership and Arts Education, Student Involvement, Concept Mapping, Visual Literacy, technology-enhanced learning

Barbara (Packales) Vinal 
Music Educator and Technology Specialist 

Apex, NC


Technology Integration, Elementary, Rubrics, Embedding Standards, Lesson Planning, Apps and Cool Tools