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New England Institute for Teacher Education

“… Inspiring curiosity and rekindling imagination within the hearts and minds of teachers and their students, so that there will be joy in teaching and learning.” 

The New England Institute for Teacher Education is all about helping teachers get what they need to improve teaching and learning.  By “teachers” we mean classroom and specialist teachers, administrators, educational technicians, parents and adults interested in improving their own education. NEI offers studies of excellence and depth in education and liberal arts to any adult learner, including, but not limited to, teachers, administrators, and educational technicians. The Institute's Executive Director is our own Catherine Ring.








Waterville School District (Sue Barre)


York Middle School Choral (Jen Etter)


York High School Choral & Music Theory (Rob Westerberg)




Visual Art


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~ The Maine Arts Leadership Initiative is a program of the Maine Arts Commission ~