In The Midst Of Madness

Jen Nash, Sebasticook Valley Middle School Music

MaryEllen Schaper, Bonny Eagle Middle School Dance 

Jeff Beaudry, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Educational Leadership, University of Southern Maine 


Workshop Details 

In 2012 An Act to Ensure Effective Teachers and School Leaders was signed into law in Maine. School districts across the state are working towards implementation of evaluative methods for teachers. Writing rigorous assessments that measure student growth is a critical component of this work. Unpacking the law will help participants understand the potential impact on visual and performing arts teachers. Discussing and developing high quality assessments will help guide future work in your classroom. Grades PK-12 All Educators 


Presenter Bios

Jennifer has been teaching jazz band, band and general music in RSU 19 for 7 years. She performs violin in the "Opus Trio", is a private violin instructor, and works as a Southern Maine Strings Camp counselor. Jen has been an MAAI Teacher Leader since 2011 and has co-led a series of webinars for the Maine DOE's Cross Discipline Literacy Network. She has been the Arts Representative on the TIF 4 Grant Steering Committee, as well as serving as Music Leader on the Proficiency-Based Curriculum Development Steering Committee. 


MaryEllen has a BS from UMass, Amherst, an MEd from UMO. She has been active in the dance education community for almost 40 years, co-authoring the Maine Dance Education Curriculum, and doing work for Maine DOE, Maine Arts Commission, MAHPERD, and choreographing for several area community theaters. MaryEllen teaches at Bonny Eagle Middle School and has been an MAAI Teacher Leader for 5 years. 


Dr. Beaudry, Associate Professor in Educational Leadership, has a blend of academic and educational technology. He has an associate degree in scientific photography and worked for six years experience as a medical-scientific photographer. In 2015 he co-edited an article, The Maine Arts Assessment Initiative: Uniting Assessment and Professional Development in Arts Education, and co-edited a book, Cases on Teaching Critical Thinking with Visual Representations, a compilation of teachers’ practitioner research on the use of mapping to improve student outcomes. His current interests include assessment literacy, multimedia, and outdoor learning. Jeff has served on the MAAI Leadership Team since 2011. 


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Outline & linked resources


I. Pre-assessment & Context
    wordle, write one word that characterizes your perception of SLO now.
    What professional growth model are you using in your district?
    Where do think your school district in the SLO process?
    A.    Pre-wordle
    B.    Three essential questions (Jeff)

II. Overview of SLO Workshop
    A.    Overview of 180, what does the law say and what is the expectation of districts? Mary Ellen

III. Models - professional models 
    A.    Marzano
    B.    National Board
    C.    Marshall
    D.    Danielson
    E.    State-approved hybrid

IV. Examples of SLOs
    A.    Dance/ Physical Education
    B.    Theater
    C.    Music
    D.    Art
    E.    Question guide to review SLOs
    G.    Leadership checklist or evaluation form

V. Design a unit of study
    A.    Keys to Quality Assessment design pre- and post-assessment (Jeff)
    B.     High Impact, Formative Assessment  Strategies - 7 strategies (Jeff)
    C.    Tools for evaluating quality (Jeff)
           1. Test Item Quality Checklist
           2. Meta-rubric
    D.    Hypothetical class of students (Mary Ellen and Jen)
    E.     Group work

VII. Wrap-up
    A.     Post assessment (one word take-away)
    B.     Reflection
    C.     Survey


VIII. Workshop Survey