Standards Implementation: Units/Lessons


The Maine Arts Assessment Initiative's Resource Bank provides a marvelous resource for both templates and exemplars for unit and lesson plan writing. There are two core areas that you want to make sure are in place as you develop your Units:


* Standards Based Goals (making sure they are predominantly academic)

* Corresponding Performance Targets/Indicators


Built upon this foundation are four additional connected pieces:

* Enduring Questions

* Essential Understandings

* Corresponding Knowledge 

* Corresponding Skills


We would encourage you to write at least one Unit and at least one or two accompanying lesson plans utilizing the Resource Bank layout (see the templates on the link below!). In doing so, you will find yourself creating rich, relevant resources that direct the work of both student and teacher! Take a look at the exemplars by subject and grade level, try one out, and access the templates to put something together of your own:


 MALI Resource Bank 


Please e-mail us if you have any feedback to give us on the MALI Resource Bank!