Free Media Resources

Exhaustive Media resource links - thanks Sarah Swain!


From Cool To Tool: Technology Integration with Student Learning In Mind - conference resource links

Kate Smith, Central School in South Berwick & Jeff Bailey, Mountain Valley High School in Rumford & Dan Ryder, Mt. Blue High School in Farmington - When technology is purposefully and meaningfully integrated into a lesson, it can lead to deeper understanding while offering new outlets of creativity. From 3D printing, to remix, mashup and improv, this is sure to have something of interest to you. Tech tips for management and organization of materials.


MAAI's 2014 Summit Technology Links

Barb Vinal's crazy collection of all things technology! You have to check this out!


MLTI Minute

How does over THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY 1 to 3 minute long tutorials on technolgy pieces sound to you?!!! Take a look! Seachable database!!


Technology Education for Teachers

Sarah Swain's fantastic resource for incorporating technology and video into any classroom, includes tutorials and information on incorporating social media, video design and digital photography.