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During phase 7 Lindsay Pinchbeck, Jake Sturtevant and Argy Nestor created Express-a-Book - an innovative and creative approach to a traditional book club. They shared the idea and protocol with several teacher leaders and teaching artist leaders on a webinar and small groups formed to experience the process. The potential of Express-a-Book is enormous and can be done with learners of all ages in classrooms in schools and in communities of all sizes in Maine and throughout the world. In November 2018 Argy and Lindsay traveled to Helsinki, Finland for the HundrED Summit. When they returned they used Express-a-Book with HundrED educators from Germany, England, and India.










MALI Teacher Leaders Elise Row, Charlie Johnson, and Amy Cousins used the Express-a-Book process and their art work and archived videos are located at THIS LINK. Using the Arts, Express-a-Book creates a learner centered, collaborative environment around a topic of interest for individuals or a group. 

Express-a-Book is included in the book Teaching Strategies that Create Assessment-Literate Learners written by the University of Southern Maine professors Drs. Anita Stewart McCafferty and Jeffrey S. Beaudry, Foreword by Rick Stiggins, Corwin Press, 2018. The WHAT?, SO WHAT?, NOW WHAT? is included in the book along with

the protocol. 


Building Planes In The Air 

We've shown this video often in MAAI, as we know that our work is ongoing and we know we are continually "building" on our work even as we're flying!


Herding Cats 

Another video we've shown often, a great dipiction of what we often may feel like as we wrap our arms around arts assessment


Bobby McFerrin 

Can you actually teach musical concepts to a non-musical audience? While SINGING?


Overcoming the Global Achievement Gap

In America today, there is a new Achievement Gap: it is the gap between the new skills that all students need in the 21st century versus what is tested and taught even in our best schools. There is also a Learning Gap between how the Net Generation is learning and collaborating out of school versus what they do all day in classrooms. In his presentation, Tony Wagner will help educators understand these gaps and then explore the most effective strategies for preparing all students for careers, college, and citizenship in the new global knowledge society.

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