Visual Art Resources


MALI Resource Bank Exemplars

Visual Arts Units and Lessons to study and/or to implement


21st Century Skills, Arts Map


Artsonia's Art Project Lesson Plans


Assessment In Art Education

Examples of large scale state assessments throughout the country


"I Can" Statements

From North Carolina. An extraordinary resource to switch thing from "what I teach" to "what my students know and can do"


Kennedy Center ArtsEdge Lessons for Visual Art


Maine Learning Results for Visual Art


NAEA's book reviews


National Core Arts Standards (revised)


Middle School / High School Visual Art Syllabus - Australia

A profoundly comprehensive AND clear and concise tiered approach... a must read for anyone developing a comprehensive curriculum. Word format!!!!


Middle School / High School Supporting Document on Visual Assessment - Australia


On-Line Resources for Art Classes! By Grade Level By Performance Indicator

In January, 2010, the Maine Department of Education awarded the Maine Alliance for Arts Education a grant to support the identification and encourage the use of Open Educational Resources (OERs) in the Visual and Performing Arts. OERs are free on-line or digitized materials that may be used by students and teachers for educational purposes. 


Ten Assessment Resources for Art Teachers

Check these out!


Visual Art Assessment Articles

Grading Art

by Marvin Bartel, Ed.D. Art Education © 2005

An outstanding primer on Assessing Visual Art with resources and articles imbedded. Topics include:

- learning or process or product

- longitudinal grading 

- normative grading

- classroom behavior

- formative learning 

- tests for art

- should art be graded