What is a "Teacher Leader"?



able to see big picture... flexible/able to change their practice - effective communicator - good listener -facilitator - able to think on their feet - committed/passionate/reflective


life long learner


someone who can model/mentor in their discipline for other teachers and admin.


someone who is passionate about their work as an arts educator


everyone needs to define for self in multiple contexts: class, school, state, national…


someone willing to share and be flexible, willing to try new things + take risks... willing to jump in.


someone with vision and abilities –communication skills -may not know it!


stand up for principles and advocate!


identify your strengths and those being led


someone with desire to improve and willing to face new changes.-an engaged learner-aware of

strengths and weaknesses


needs sense of purpose and guidelines as to how to fill that purpose


share in multiple ways; “talking about” isn’t always best


how evolved... where going… not a recipe


importance of developing your voice as a TL


be a facilitator


focused on student growth & well-being- student centered!


share your experience and engage the participants and provide resources


realistic expectations for self and community


modeling and giving good examples


needs to be animated/enthusiastic (especially as a teacher with kids)